Personal Exhibitions

1968 - Mantova, Minerva gallery

1969 - Bologna, Palazzo Galvani Gallery; Portomaggiore, Show sponsored by the Town Council; Vicenza, Il Cenacolo Gallery; Bologna, Tempo Gallery

1971 - Ferrara, Visual Activities Centre at Palazzo dei Diamanti

1973 - S. Giovanni Valdarno, Il Ponte Gallery

1974 - Bologna, Galleria Studio Immagini Alterternative

1975 - Brescia, St Benedetto Gallery

1976 - S. Giovanni Valdarno, Il Ponte Gallery; Bari, Expo Art; Bari, Il Fante dei Fiori Gallery; Riva del Garda, La Firma Gallery

1978 - Firenze, Il Ponte Gallery;

1979 - Bologna, Morandi Gallery Arte Fiera

1980 - Firenze, Frammenti di Immaginario" monographic book, 10 years of paintings and critical text by E. Natali  edited by Il Ponte

1984 - Publication of Les Cahiers des Plasiris (angravings and poems, in Italian and French)

1986 - Ravenna, Il Patio Gallery

1987 - Bologna, Italy-France Cultural Centre

1988 - Bologna, Quartirolo Gallery;

1990 - Chamalières- Clermont Ferrand, one-man show of 56 paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art

1991 - Fleurs-St.Etienne, one-man show of 56 paintings followed by conference and debate at the Forez Cultural Centre

1991 Aubière, a retrospective of his works (56 paintings and 22 engravings) at the Cultural Centre

1993 - Paris, Arte Viva Gallery

1996 - Bologna, Voyage Imaginaire, L'Ariete Gallery

1970 - XXIV Suzzara Prize

1971 -Arezzo and Imola, Per Copia Conforme ("By True Copy"; Bologna, 5 Artists at the Arcoveggio; Bologna, St Vitale Galley; Oratory of S.Pietro in Casale; Livorno; Krakow, Engraving at Krakow Museum

1973 - Sassoferrato, Salvi Prize

1973 - Brescia, Expo at Quadriportico Palace

1973 - Bisenzio-Firenze, Il Cane D'Oro Prize

1975-76 Brescia, Mantova, St.Giovanni Valdarno: Engraving expo for Il Ponte-Alibrandi

1979 - Napoli, Figurative Arts of the 80s exhibition at Cariati Pariati

1980 - Bologna, Art and Railways national exhibition at Palazzo dei Congressi

1981 - Paris, Carte Postale drawings at the Cultural Centre of the Italian Embassy

1982 - Bologna, Interviews to the artists in his Studio published on the Il Terzo Occhio Arts Review

1985 - Caserta, Imposimato Graphics International Biennial

1988 - Chamalières- Clermont Ferrand, Nuova Figurazione show at the Museum of Modern Art

1989 - Chamalières- Clermont Ferrand, 1st World Triennal of engraving and prints: he was awarded 2nd Grand Prix and the Lyons Club's 1st Prize;

1991 - Bologna, Arte Fiera

1991 - Chamalières- Clermont Ferrand, 2nd World Triennal of Engraving; A selection of the Triennal was shown in Stavanger (Norway) and in Washington (USA), (Cultural Centre sponsored by the International Monetary Fund)

In 1991 the artist was mentioned on the Artension Review, Paris (France).


Group Exhibitions